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Hi there
My name is Farhad. I’m a software developer. Let’s keep it short. I have some experience in:

  • Backend development (Most of the time, this is my job title)
  • Publish and maintenance automation scripts and configurations (Fun, except that one time that I dropped the database. Not fun.)
  • Designing and configuring network and security infrastructure of our own distributed software on private servers
  • Splitting monolith app into multiple independant set of services to load balance and increase HA

From the begining of this year (2021) I’m discovering Serverless and AWS Lambda functions while implementing a software in Fintech field (No it’s not yet another promising crypto exchange). I’m developing this fully serverless app with Go.

In this blog, I will share my latest thoughts and discoveries about my challenges, workarounds, decisions, trade-offs, and resolved problems in this project.

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